Welcome to our shop. We sell handmade toys and accessories.

Why handmade toys? Because these are real emotions, a part of our souls and warmth of our hands. They evoke feelings of warmth, security, childhood, and talk about love.

Everything you'll find on our website is made of hypoallergenic cotton fabric.

Everything is important for us – colors, fabric textures, tightly stitched buttons. Every toy has undergone more than 20 steps of work, beginning with the pattern, and ending with the check of the stitches, filler, pompoms, and bows.

All of the toys are protected by copyright. We guarantee reliability and quality in every stitch. The toys are safe. They do not cause allergies, and can be safely washed.

What can be more pleasant than seeing the happy eyes of your loved ones? Giving emotions is not so difficult!

We created this handmade gifts shop for you to:

Be able to shop on our website anytime and choose handmade gifts made with love.

Always have an opportunity to contact the artist.

Be able to get the presents for you and your loved ones, which you can't find in your local shops. The thing that exists only in one copy. Specially for you.

Have an invisible line of warmth, love, and attention between you and the person you are giving the present.


Toys for newborns. Unusual. Black & White. For vision stimulation.

Comforters for one year olds with long arms and legs. For sleep, walk, travel, and long friendship.

Stuffed animals and plush toys.

Little plush rabbits, which can fit in your hand. They are adored not only by kids, but by adults as well.

Rabbits in skirts, dresses and pants. The clothes can be easily changed.

Lightweight backpacks and purses with embroidery, applique for girls and boys. Backpacks with a pocket for the toy, linen and cotton backpacks for kids and adults. They are great for walking, traveling and attending the kindergarten.

Textile dolls for games and interior.

Teddies and their friends.

Sets for creating dolls and toys yourself in gift boxes.

Decor for children’s room.

A great variety of choices along with personalization – an opportunity to complete the backpack or a toy with the name or initials. We can also discuss any other option you’d like.

Gift wrap + handmade card, which complete your gift.

To buy handmade gifts online in IrunToys shop, choose a gift you like and place an order, or contact me +38 (066) 618 60 60